General Transport Dust Busting ASC MEP

Updated on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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Client introduction:

General Transport Equipment (GTE) are based in Perth’s suburb of Kewdale (WA).

They are a leading supplier of customized transport equipment. They specialize in semi-trailers, chemical tankers, and rigid truck bodies.

The Challenge:

GTE’s Manager Dave made contact with WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan to discuss the idea of a sweeper replacing hand brooms in his sheds after he witnesses staff causing dust storms while hand sweeping.

GTE have several large aging sheds where they bring in large trailers to be repaired or built. There is a lot of dirt, dust, welding and grinding fragments on the floor as the sheds are quite open.

The Solution:

Ross arranged to demonstrate the ASC Eureka MEP sweeper with its award-winning dust control system.

The demonstration started in the dusty workshop area. It cleaned a 20 sqm area in just a couple of minutes with no airborne dust visible.

A staff member then took some initiative and proceeded to sweep more areas and was amazed by the amount he could clean compared to the broom and nothing was up his nose. Mouths dropped and soon everyone present were impressed.

The result:

Two days following the demonstration an order one ASC Eureka MEP was placed with more to be purchased.

Another great result in WA’s battle to beat the spread of dust.