George River Grammar School NSW

Updated on Friday, February 26, 2021

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George River Grammar School is a well known Sydney private school catering for students from perp to year 12.

The Challenge.

The school was cleaned until recently using brooms and petrol blowers. This was a very time consuming process and school looked to update its cleaning regime with proven technology that would not only reduce debris but the more importantly the dust levels.

The school is surrounded by large deciduous trees which shed leaves and bark onto the concreted pavements and walkways.

The school is located next to Bankstown airport which is known to distribute air pollution.

The jury was out as to how to tackle this issue so they went to market and asked ASC for a demonstration on what we could deliver them.

The Solution.

After a successful demonstration the school chose to invest on a ASC Eureka M3 mid-size heavy duty sweeper. The machine would sweep up to 8000 sq meters per hours saving valuable labour time and be compact enough to navigate the locker aeras and walkways with ease.

They chose the battery powered variant.