Good Bye Floor Dust, Hello ASC Eureka M1

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Warehouses & Distribution

Client Introduction

Ron Mack Machinery, based in Perth, is one of Western Australia’s leading suppliers of Metalwork and Woodworking machinery.

The Challenge

Rod Potter (from Ron Mack) contacted WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan in February 2020, looking for a sweeper to help clean their large machinery showroom. They were using push brooms prior to Ross’ consultation and were looking for a long-term solution to eliminate floor dust. They were facing the challenge of excessive dust that settled on their machinery that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This didn’t look good from the retail perspective as well.

The company was upfront with what they wanted:

  • A sweeper that would require minimal maintenance.
  • Give a long-term dust-free sweep.
  • Be able to manoeuvre between machinery.

The Solution

ASC’s Ross Sheehan presented Rod Potter with a couple of options to choose from. Potter narrowed down the options to the ASC Eureka M1 battery walk-behind sweeper.

The three key reasons for choosing the ASC M1 sweeper were:

  • Its long-lasting clean technology dust filtration system.
  • Its AGM maintenance-free battery.
  • The easy manoeuvrability of the M1 around their expensive CNC machinery.

The Result

Unfortunately, the Covid19 downturn resulted in the sale of the sweeper being delayed, however luckily, the WA economic situation improved, and Rod was able to proceed with the purchase in July 2020. Ross Sheehan had the sweeper delivered shortly after the order was placed and trained their operators on the correct use of the machine.

A great result for all involved!