Gourmet Herbs

Updated on Wednesday, March 13, 2024


The Client

Gourmet Herbs is located in the Hawksbury, north-west of Sydney and sits on around 20 acres.

Gourmet Herbs offer a broad array of herbs, along with edible flowers.

The Challenge

Jane Vassallo, founder of Gourmet Herbs, has multiple large sheds and smaller cool rooms, where they hand pack all their herbs and flowers.

With this, comes dirt, dust, rocks and forklift tyre dust.

Jane has extremely high standards in cleanliness and needs to deliver this through growing and supplying quality products.

Gourmet Herbs tested and demonstrated multiple sweepers and couldn’t find what they were looking for.

After several months, Jane contacted ASC and we demonstrated the ASC M2 sweeper. It is narrow and nimble, with zero dust blow back.

The ASC E36 scrubber dryer was also demonstrated to replace the use of pressure washers and high-water usage.

The ASC M2 and E36 proved how much more efficient the cleaning process will be in the future.

The Result

Gourmet Herbs were eager to take delivery of the ASC M2 and ASC E36 to increase their cleaning standards and productivity.