Greener Lawn Supplies NSW Cleans Up

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Client Introduction

Greener Lawn is a small family-owned turf supplier, which provides fresh, high-quality, weed-free turf varieties.

The Challenge

Constant farm machinery moves in and out of their lawn sheds and workshops. The tyres of these machines drag in dirt, sand, and rocks onto the floors creating a mess.

At times, this issue would create mud that turned into a fine dust. Greener Lawn needed a solution ASAP. They were looking for a low-maintenance and robust machine.

The Solution

Greener Lawn’s owner Anthony investigated what was on the industrial market and found the ASC MEP Eureka vacuum push sweeper.

ASC’s Scott Campbell met with Anthony and demonstrated the ASC MEP push sweeper. Anthony was impressed by its performance and invested in the ASC MEP immediately.