HD Plasma Invest For 3RD Time In An ASC MEP

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Manufacturing . Steel Manufacturing

Client introduction:

HD Plasma & Laser Cutting WA are a leading WA company, located in the busy industrial suburb of Bibra Lake. They specialise in multi-functional steel processing, manufacturing, and supply solution across Australia. They offer laser and plasma cutting, oxy cutting, drilling pressing and ancillary service to the mining, marine and industrial industries.

The Challenge:

HD plasma had purchased two ASC Eureka MEP push sweepers with dust control previously; 2019 and 2020. One for the workshop and one for the owner’s private home.
Now they wanted to add another ASC MEP to the workshop, as they, like a lot of Perth businesses, are enjoying the busy times thanks to a boom in the mining industry.

The Solution:

HD Plasma & Laser Cutting Procurement Officer contacted Ross Sheehan, the ASC WA Area Manager, to see if there was availability of these very popular sweepers.
Ross was happy to supply as he had many in stock.

The result:

Ross was able to deliver the ASC Eureka MEP sweeper the following week, along with a couple of the dust filters which are also stocked in the Perth Wangara warehouse.