Heka Hoods Find ASC MEP The Best Dust Solution For Their Warehouse

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Manufacturing . Steel Manufacturing

Heka Hoods is an innovative bracket-less awning system manufacturer based in Queensland’s Industrial Suburb of Kunda Park.


Heka Hoods warehouse got very dusty due to the high mount of aluminium material being processed.

Being so busy the staff could not maintain the work place to a high standard just using brooms.

The use of vacuum cleaners was just taking too time consuming and proved a very inefficient use of costly labour.


Queensland’s ASC Representative Raf Rodrigues consulted the company and recommended the ASC MEP as a perfect fit for the job.

They bought the machine on the spot once they saw how easy to use the machine was.

It cleaned all the dust from the corners which was a major concern to the company.

The machine managed to trap all the fine dust from the production area into the hoper due to its patented internal filter.

Heka Hoods staff were very impressed with the strong chassis and the ability to quickly clean the production area in such an effective manner.


ASC Floor Scrubber 1

ASC Floor Scrubber 2

ASC Floor Scrubber 3