Immaculately Clean Floors In The Highgate With ASC Cleaning Machines

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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The Challenge

The Highgate is set over 1.5 acres in Highgate Hill only 2km from Brisbane CBD.

The Highgate features just 42 exquisite three bedroom and Penthouse residences, all with north facing city panoramic views.

The company wanted to partner with a supplier that could supply the body corp with the best possible equipment that not only worked well but was very well supported with aftercare service after the sale.

The Solution

Raf Rodrigues of ASC demonstrated both the ASC Eureka E 81 and the ASC MEP manual dust free push sweeper.

The Bodycorp was extremely impressed with both the functionality and simplicity of the 2 machines demonstrated. The ASC MEP sweeper was to be used to sweep the carpark basement clean of all the tyre dust and the  ASC Eureka E81 walk behind scrubber primarily to pick up any oil spills as well as tyre marks from the painted epoxy floors.

The Result

A immaculately cleaned floor that is as shinny as a hospital floor and labour saving of up to 625%!ASC E 81 At The Highgate

ASC Machines At The Highgate