Hili Excavations Invest In A ASC Sweeping Machine

Updated on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Client Introduction

Hili Excavations perform heavy haulage and large excavations works all across NSW.

The Challenge

Their workshop floor in Maraylya (NSW) has super fine dust, dirt, leaves and mud from the tracks of the excavators.

The large roller doors are constantly open so dust is blown into the workshop.

Joe Hili (Owner) wanted a sweeping machine that was not just an industrial build, but something which was easy to maintain.

The Solution

Joe is used accustomed to investing in premium products like Kenworth trucks and CAT excavators.

Joe asked ASC’s Scott Campbell for a sweeper that was reliable and easy to use.

Scott Campbell had organised to demonstrate the award winning quality built ASC M2 and M3 sweepers to Joe.

The Result

Following an onsite demonstration, an order was placed for a ASC M3 Sweeper with ASC the very next day.

Scott delivered the ASC Eureka M3 with full training and Joe is extremely happy with his purchase.