Hilton Hotel Surfers Paradise

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Client Introduction

Hilton Hotel is a well-renowned 5-star Hotel Globally recognised for its premium hotel rooms. MVB Services is Hilton Hotels Surfers Paradise (Queensland) official cleaning & maintenance contractor.

Their services are appointed to maintain the majority of the facility to Hiltons Global 5 Star Hygiene accreditation standard.

The Challenge

MVB Services are well known for their ability to deliver a premium service to the hotel industry. The company maintains many prestigious hotels and have a very good understanding of cleaning equipment.

MVB had been sweeping the Hilton Hotel carpark for the past few years with an ASC M1 sweeper. Michael Bruce (MVB Managing Director)added the Eureka E 50 car park scrubber to his fleet of ASC machinery to level up their cleaning game. MVB required a low maintenance floor scrubber that would remove oil spills from the carpark parking spots. They wanted to invest in a machine that was reliable, simple to maintain, and cheap to run.

The Result

After considering the options available in the market, Michael Bruce’s MVB Service decided to purchase another one from their reliable partner ASC. This time he took delivery of a traction Drive ASC Eureka E 50 floor scrubber.