Hobson Engineering Dust and Debris Removal Solved

Updated on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

Hobson Engineering was established in 1935 and is 100 percent Australian-owned. Hobson is one of Australia’s leading distributors of Hex bolts and nuts, screws, allthread, stainless fasteners and hardware to the commercial, construction, mining, manufacturing and petrochemical industries.

The Challenge:

Hobson recently moved into a brand new Facility at Direk South Australia. Having used ASC sweepers for many years the brand was well known to them. The call was made to ASC to precure a new sweeper to help assist with the general dust and debris removal in the warehouse.

ASC’s Ken Pepyat suggested the model Eureka M5 electric.

Being a large warehouse with lots of forklifts and order pickers running around, the machine will pick up tyre dust and paper rubbish as an ongoing clean.

Bojan Djuric, the Site Manager said he favoured the Eureka product as it has been very reliable and does a terrific job at the other Hobson sites around Australia.

The Solution.

An order was placed for a ASC Eureka M5 sweeper.