Huhtamaki Packaging

Updated on Thursday, February 15, 2024


The Client

For almost 70 years, Huhtamaki Australia have been manufacturing and supplying Australian made egg cartons from their Melbourne facility and are now the largest and only domestic manufacturer of egg cartons, egg trays and bottle dividers.

The site employs more than 100 people, who process and convert over 10,000 ton of locally sourced recycled paper and cardboard, into innovative and sustainable packaging products.

The Challenge

Huhtamaki were looking to purchase a ride on floor scrubber for their manufacturing plant. They were specifically looking to invest in a reliable and easy to maintain floor scrubber, that would clean their floors with minimal maintenance required.

Ernie, Huhtamaki Site Manager, contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyat to discuss what ASC had to offer in the rider scrubber range.

Huhtamaki has been a long-term ASC Client in many of their other Australian plants.

The company knew by internal referral that the ASC brand has proven to be very reliable over the past 10 + years.

The machine would be required to clean paper dust, packaging residue and oil from surrounding machinery that manufactures egg cartons. Its second task would be to scrub clean the internal walkways, ensuring they were free from coffee stains and maintain a clean finish on their epoxy coated floors.

The Result

After seeing an onsite demonstration of the ASC E83 scrubber, they placed an order for one.