Hutamaki Invest with ASC Again.

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Food & Beverages . Manufacturing

Hutamaki are one of the world leaders in food and beverage packaging, supplying to many large companies like McDonalds.

The Challenge

Prior to ASC’s arrival, Hutamaki were spending a lot of their resources constantly mopping and sweeping tight areas around their manufacturing machines.

The food and beverage industry maintain high expectations for cleanliness.

This manual method of cleaning was not only dangerous for their employees sweeping and mopping so close to running manufacturing machines, they were also losing time with the slow and outdated process.

The Solution

ASC’S Scott Campbell assessed the situation and immediately demonstrated ASC’s Eureka E50 Scrubber along with the MEP sweeper.

A order was immediately placed upon the demonstration.  They wanted to know how quickly ASC could deliver them new units.

Huhtamaki now have one Eureka 50 Scrubber and 2 MEP manual sweepers.

A great labour saving result for Hutamaki.