ASC Mach 1 New M Graded Class Dust Filter Was Perfect for Hutchinson Builders

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020



Rising 44-storeys above its seaside setting, this apartments build generates a lot of dust.

Hutchinson Builders required a battery powered machine to clean the open concrete areas and carpark areas.

The machine also had to be narrow enough to get through doorways.

Hutchinson Builders have multiple projects and stipulated the need for their supplier to showcase a solution to crane equipment from site to site.

Their experience had taught them that craning sweepers onto trucks is not a simple task as machines gets damaged quickly.


The ASC Mach 1 sweeper ticked all of the boxes.

ASC had devised a crane lifting system on the ASC M1 to help them transport the sweeper from location to location without incidents.

With 3 craning points built into the ASC M1 Sweeper, this battery powered walk behind sweeper can be easily lifted onto trucks without causing damage to the undercarriage saving Hutchinson Builders thousands of dollars in maintenance and downtime costs.

But transportation is not all.

The ASC Mach 1 also came with the new M graded class dust filter which assures compliance with the construction sector dust control emission standards.

This ASC M1 is designed for heavy-duty applications and built to last therefore it’s the right machine for the construction sector.


ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper