Hutchinson Builders Seeks An Industry Standard Dust Control Machine

Updated on Thursday, September 9, 2021


The Client

Hutchinson Builders, commonly known as Hutchies, is Australia’s largest privately owned construction company.

The Challenge

Hutchinson Builders, a long standing customer of ASC, required a sweeper that could operate in harsh construction environments sweeping up silica/cement dust.

They also required a certified machine that met cement Industry standard dust controls.

They specifically asked for and received a M class filter.

This filtration unique system complies with QLD building City Council regulations.

The Solution.

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues organized the delivery of a new ASC Eureka M1 battery driven construction spec sweeper to be delivered to another Hutchies site south of Brisbane.

The M1 had was sold with ASC’s water dust suppression system fitted as well as crane lifting hooks to allow the machine to be lifted and transported without damaging the dust suppression skirts under the machine.