HVG Say Goodbye To Saw Dust Issue’s

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023


The Client

HVG are manufacturers of MDF timber board.

They are based in Craigieburn (Vic), the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

The Challenge

The major problem they face, is thick sawdust, that not only sticks to the floor, but builds up around their machinery.

Gerges Fadel, HVG’s Production Manager, had looked at many other ride on sweepers, to sweep and vacuum his polished concrete floors.

The many sweepers that had been demonstrated at his facility, swept his floors well enough, but were lacking strong dust control.

ASC’s Representative suggested the heavy-duty Eureka Mach 3 as an alternative to the generic sweepers he had seen.

The demonstration worked a treat.

Not only was Gerges able to see a machine that offered a great sweep but also offered incredible dust control. This will ensure a completely dust free facility.

The Solution

Gerges ordered the ASC Eureka Mach 3 and tailored it with an optional shop vac and water suppression kit, for his required specification.