Hydreco Hydraulics Welcomes ASC Eureka E51

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Client Introduction

Hydreco Hydraulics is based in the industrial suburb of Kewdale (Perth). They manufacture an extensive range of hydraulic pumps and valves to suit many different applications.

The Challenge

Dean from Hydreco was looking around in the market for a reliable floor scrubber to replace his existing machine.

His existing floor-scrubbing machine was not performing efficiently and was costing too much when it came to running and maintenance.

The Hydreco workshop has a large prime mover truck driving in and out to have specialized hydraulics fitted. The painted workshop floor has demarcations to show safe zones, walkways, and areas where each truck had to park. They were looking for a proven Heavy Duty floor scrubber capable of cleaning oil and grease leftover from each completed job as well as fine dirt that was carried in by the trucks.

The Solution

ASC WA Area Manager, Ross Sheehan, consulted Dean and sent him machine options via email. He followed up with a site assessment in order to recommend the right-sized machine for their application. Dean was in favour of the ASC Eureka E51 as it fitted his budget as well as scope.

Ross Sheehan arranged a site demonstration with the Hydreco service technicians present, as they would be using the scrubber.

While demonstrating, Ross also showed them a set of scourer pads as an alternative to conventional brushes. These scouring pads work ideally for the painted surfaces.

The results were outstanding. The company did not want the machine to take off the paint from their floor, just the oil, grease, and grime, so they favoured these pads.

The Result

Dean and his service technicians were impressed by the construction and simple operation of the ASC Eureka E51. With minimal electronics and high-quality batteries, E51 outscored the alternatives present on the market.

They ordered the ASC Eureka Heavy Duty E51 immediately. Delivery and training was conducted by ASC’s WA-based Ross Sheehan.