ICE Inter Capital Express Vic

Updated on Friday, October 8, 2021

Logistics & Distribution

Client Introduction

Inter Capital Express is a 3rd generation freight company. They are a well-known national provider and award-winning Express Freight Service.

The Challenge

The company faces a huge dust challenge in its warehouse. Dust blows into their warehouse from outside as well as due to the forklift tires and brakes dust due to the huge volume of freight that is moved in and out of the facility.

After trying and demonstrating different sweeper companies, Gary Curdy (Manager) reached the conclusion that the ASC Eureka Mach 2 is the best fit for his depot.

Gary said the other sweepers he trialed caused airborne dust whilst sweeping and found the ASC Eureka M2 was amazing on pure dust control.

The Result

ICE placed an order for the ASC Eureka M2. The facility is now cleaned several times a day, with both employees and freight free from airborne dust.