Idemitsu Australia – Boggabri Coal

Updated on Friday, November 10, 2023


The Client

Boggabri Coal Mine is an open-cut coal operation.
The mine produces up to 7 million tonnes per annum of saleable coal. The mine supports a workforce of about 600 employees and contractors.

The Challenge

The mine has a very large workshop, that services their fleet of large earthmoving equipment.
The workshop gets a large buildup of coal dust and mud, due to the vehicles entering and exiting the workshop.
The challenge was set to find a suitable sweeper that was designed to work in the mining sector, provide low maintenance costs and designed to cope with heavy dust concentration pick up.
The sweeper had to be highly manoeuvrable and easy to use, as well as easy to service.
Boggabri Coal found the heavy duty, ASC M6 diesel fitted with mine MDG15 spec, to be the best choice on the market.

The Result

A capex to purchase an ASC M6 was placed with ASC.
The unit was hand delivered to Boggabri, by ASC, 484 km North West of Sydney, with a full induction.