Impact Community Services QLD. & ASC M6 Sweeper

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Bundaberg’s Community Impact Services recently took possession of a ASC Eureka M6 Heavy Duty sweeper.

The sweeper is to be used in the Material Recovery Facility which is owned by Bundaberg Regional Council, but managed by IMPACT Community Services.

The problem.

Keeping a waste transfer station clean is a difficult job. There are plastic bottles, resin, metal shavings, dust and general debris scattered all over the sorting areas that need to be swept clean.

The Solution.

IMPACT recently made inquiries with ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues to identify ways to eliminate labour intensive cleaning methods. They wanted to ensure that the facility would not only be clean but totally dust free.

Rafael suggested the use of the proven ASC M6 Heavy Duty sweeper which is used widely in many water transfer stations around Australia.

The M6 is a really tough machine with a proven drive train and designed to work on hard and undulated floor surfaces.

The result.

An order was paced with ASC for a M6 Diesel sweeper.

The facility is now very clean, dust free and easy to maintain on a daily basis.