Inghams Enterprises Berrima

Updated on Friday, March 29, 2024


The Client

Inghams Enterprises Berrima (NSW) operates a feed Mill that produces feed for the Inghams Poultry Group.

The Challenge

The Berrima Feed Mill is a multi-storey processing feed mill that grinds grain to manufacture chicken feed.

The floors are made from steel checker plate, which get very stick due to feed mixing with moisture.

This steel checker plate has traditionally been cleaned using high pressure water cleaners, which is not only extremely labour intensive but utilises far too much water.

The company was looking to cut back on both labour and water by mechanising this process, using an ASC approved Industrial Grade floor scrubber.

The ASC Eureka E 36 floor scrubber was brought to the site and demonstrated by ASC’s Nick Bilos.

The result clearly showed how effective an ASC mini scrubber could clean the toughest of floors, with minimal water usage.

The checker floor was left clean and perfectly dry.

The Result

An order was placed for the ASC E 36 floor scrubber.