Islamic Education Institute invest in a new ASC E 81

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020

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Islamic Education Institute (NSW) Incorporated is an organisation that promotes religious education and tolerance in Australia.


Their new, state of the art, modern tiled facility has a large following with constant daily foot traffic. Pristine cleaning such a large religious area was a high priority for the Institute.

The Institute recently went to the open market to see what was available to make their cleaning process more efficient and productive. Prior to the arrival of ASC’s Scott Campbell’s consultation the Institute was using labour intensive traditional mop and hose cleaning methods.

The Institute also had a large underground carpark to clean which got quite dusty with vehicles driving in and out all day.

ASC’s Scott Campbell persuaded the management of the institute that to accomplish their goals they should invest in both a sweeper and a scrubber.


After demonstrations from several companies, Zak (Islamic Education Institute cleaning supervisor) called ASC to compare products.

ASC’s Scott Campbell brought to site several high quality ASC machines to allow Zak to determine which products best suited his needs.

Zak was really impressed by the ASC products ease of use, cleaning result and sharp look.

He was so impressed that he immediately placed an order.

Both products proved to Zak that they would halve their time cleaning with and get a much higher cleaning result.

Zak while placing his order also took advantage of ASC’s extended 4 year warranty.