James Hardie invest in multiple ASC Machines

Updated on Monday, August 2, 2021

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James Hardie Australia has a plant located in Sydney’s suburb of Rosehill (NSW). The company is a global building materials company and the largest global manufacturer of fibre cement products.

Their NSW facility recently took delivery of 3 ASC Cement approved floor cleaners.

The Problem.

The company had a problem with airborne cement dust. The company was looking to achieve a 5 star safety rating in housekeeping. Their priority was to eliminate airborne dust and make a marked improvement in their overall cleaning standards.

Until the arrival of ASC James Hardie had sub contracted an external company to sweep their facility. Their contractors were using a street sweeper as well as a conventional industrial sweeper.

Unfortunately those machines couldn’t meet the dust suppression levels required by the company.

The company recently went to the open market looking for alternatives. After exhaustively trailing many companies James Hardie chose ASC as their supplier. ASC met all their requirements.

The Result.

James Hardie ordered a new ASC Eureka M8, a ASC Eureka M2 and a Eureka E 81 floor scrubber. Scott Campbell, ASC’s Area Manager, installed the new ASC machines to James Hardie.