James Lane Conquer Dust Issues Thanks to ASC

Updated on Monday, September 20, 2021

Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

James Lane is the home of the finest quality interiors in Australia.

The Challenge

The James Lane Group recently asked ASC to quote on the supply of a rider sweeper. The companies National Logistics Manager had used ASC sweepers before in a previous role and was familiar with their performance and reliability.

The company has a large 10,000 square metre warehouse that was attracting dust. The facility needed an internal daily sweep to pick up forklift tyre dust as well general debris. The external concrete aprons where the containers are dropped attract a lot of leaves and road debris.

The sweeper will be used 3 times per week to sweep the carparks as well as this area.

The Result.

The ASC M3 Heavy Duty was ordered after an onsite demonstration. The facility is now easy to maintain and very clean.