Jaybel Office Choice Say Goodbye to Dust

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Logistics & Distribution . Warehouses & Distribution

Jaybel Office Choice is a very large supplier of office supplies, furniture, office printing machines, and safety equipment.

The Problem

The company has a very large warehouse in Staplyton (Qld). Their warehouse facility is full of racked office supplies. They required a cost-effective and simple way of eliminating the dust build-up.

They have many employees, which equates to a lot of foot traffic alongside mobile machinery working nonstop. Mark Crotty (Manager) asked ASC’s Rafael to recommend him a dust-free solution for his warehouse.

The Solution

Rafael Rodrigues organized a demonstration of the ASC MEP manual dust-free sweeper to Mark Crotty. He was very impressed with both its quality and performance and bought it instantly.