JJ Richards Grows Their ASC Fleet

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023


The Client.

JJ Richards operates waste management facilities across Australia. They are one of Australia’s leading waste companies.

The Challenge.

The Company looked to invest in a new scrubber for an expanded operation in Yandina, Queensland.

They requested ASC to provide a machine which delivered low running costs and could clean a greasy floor, cost effectively.

JJ Richards has many ASC Scrubbers in their fleet.

Given the proven performance of their existing ASC fleet, they naturally chose the brand they knew worked well, in their tough environments across Australia.

The Solution.

They choose the ASC Eureka E 81 heavy duty walk behind workshop scrubber, for their truck workshop in Yandina – QLD.

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues organised delivery of the new scrubber to Yandina, from the ASC Yatala facility.

While on site, he organised a full induction with the JJ Richards team members.