J&K Hopkins Clean Up

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Cleaning Contractor's

Client Introduction

J&K Hopkins is a supplier of quality office furniture throughout Perth and Western Australia.

They are a well-known WA business that was established in 1964. They supply and install a large range of stylish, efficient, and comfortable office layouts from a single chair to a complete office fit-out.

The Challenge

They have a medium-sized warehouse with pallet racking and a large amount of stock.

They were using a suction machine to clean up the warehouse for the last 15 years.

They have a mixture of debris on their floor to collect from forklift rubber tyre dust, pebbles, dirt from the outside apron, and general dust. All this debris and dust was brought in via the Fremantle Doctor wind, famous in Perth.

ASC’s Area Manager Ross Sheehan contacted the J&K management to advise them of a better solution to clean with incredibly good dust control.

The Solution

Ross delivered a Eureka MEP push sweeper to J&K Hopkins for a trial. John (Warehouse Manager) was shown the operational use of the ASC MEP push sweeper and was left to clean the warehouse.

The Result

J&K’s office and warehouse staff were out in the warehouse watching the Eureka MEP’s outstanding performance.

John had cleaned the entire warehouse in a fraction of the time compared to the suction sweeper without any dust airborne. They were very impressed as the staff was no longer breathing foreign material and placed an order on the spot for a brand new ASC Eureka MEP push sweeper.