Jowemba Eradicates it’s Dust Clouds

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Client Introduction

Jowemba Pty Ltd is a strawberry runner/grower in Toolangi, a rural township in Victoria.

The Challenge

John Busacca, the manager at Jowemba, contacted ASC’s Manager Ken Pepyat to discuss the huge dust and dirt issue that they were facing in their maintenance sheds. They were already using a sweeper from some other brand, however, the employees weren’t satisfied with its performance as it created too much noise and dust pollution in the shed environment.

Ken Pepyatarranged the demonstration of the ASC Eureka M3 battery-powered sweeper so that John could see the performance of the sweeper on his floor.

The Result

After seeing the ASC M3 in action, John was sold on its performance due to the low noise level and dustless operation. Hence, he placed an order for a brand new ASC Eureka M3 Heavy Duty Dustless sweeper.