JW Land Loves ASC’s M2 Dust Filter

Updated on Saturday, February 5, 2022


Client Introduction

JW Land is a large construction company in the ACT and Melbourne. They design and build state of the art precincts encompassing architecture through the surrounding city’s landscapes.

The Challenge

Construction sites now undergo routine safety checks. These include dust control regulations that are now being randomly tested by government air pollution monitors. JW Land had an issue with dust control and needed a solution. They needed to sweep excess light powdery dust, nails, wood debris from construction works daily.

The Solution

JW Land decided to invest in ASC’s ride on Mach 2 sweeper as it is small enough to fit into the site’s lift along with dust control regulations taken care of with its dust filter. Mach 2 has a successful reputation in the construction industry with its low micron dust control and low maintenance service requirements. ASC’s Scott Campbell successfully installed the unit at the site.