JWA Oldfield’s Supplies Again Invests in ASC MEP

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Logistics & Distribution

JWA  provide solutions to Australia’s temporary access, ground support and platform needs.

They supply industry with Australia’s thickest and heaviest duty mats.

The Challenge

The Queensland DC had bought a ASC MEP sweeper many years ago.

They have a large facility in Queensland’s Northern Suburb of Brendale.

Their old ASC machine had simply been used so much that they decided to invest in a second machine.

The Solution.

They asked ASC to take their old ASC MEP sweeper to the Queensland Service Facility in Yatala and have it repaired.

While it was being repaired they felt it would be a good investment to take possession of a new ASC MEP knowing how well the ASC MEP worked and how much labour time it saved cleaning.

For a couple of hundred dollars in repairs they saved themselves over $44,000 in labour costs over 3 years.