K.C. Mow & Grow Townsville

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Home & Domestic

The Client

K.C. Mow & Grow is based in Garbutt (Townsville). They stock and sell an extremely large variety of name-brand lawn mowers, sprayers, blowers, generators and pressure cleaners. They are widely known for their distribution of the John Deere product.

The Challenge

The Manager, Chris Farlow, asked locally based ASC Manager Luke Skrinjaric to recommend a sweeper that would keep his retail facility clean and dust free. His busy workshop accumulates quite a large amount of debris with the repair trade he has. Dust, rocks, grass and mud are commonplace in any workshop, more so with a workshop like Chris’.

The Solution.

The well known John Deere agent purchased an ASC MEP sweeper as a solution, to keep their entire facility clean and debris free. The machine will be used to keep both the carpark and the workshop free of dust and debris.