K Ranch Arena Solves It’s Foot Dust & Sticky Floors

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Client Introduction

K Ranch Arena brings the best horse riders and rope slingers Australia has to offer. They constantly hold events all year round, entertaining anyone who enjoys watching.

The Challenge

K Ranch has a lot of foot traffic in its pavilion. As the arena is covered in dirt, the biggest challenge was to make the hardstand areas look clean while getting rid of the dirt.

The Saloon had its own challenges. Spilt beverage mixed with dirt made the floors very sticky.

They contacted ASC’s Scott Campbell and requested a viable solution to their challenges.

Mick (K Ranch Arenas Owner) asked  Scott Campbell for a safe and easy way to keep the floors clean, even when the spectators were watching the live events.

The Solution

ASC’s Scott Campbell recommended two machines for them. The ASC MEP dust-free push sweeper alongside the Eureka E81 whisper quite a battery walk-behind scrubber.

Soon after the demonstration, two orders were placed to ASC.

Before every opening, the Saloon floor is swept with the ASC MEP push sweeper and then scrubbed clean with the ASC’s Eureka E81 floor scrubber.

Both machines have now brought a shine to the floor.