Kacy Fogden Racing

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023


The Client

Based out of the Gold Coast Turf Club, Kacy Fogden Racing operates a small team of both horses and staff.

She has 15 boxes to house horses, a horse walker, treadmill, the racecourse pool and access to the Gold Coast beach.

The Challenge

Kacy had challenging cleaning requirement that needed addressing.

Running a horse stable means that the walkways between the stables must always be clean.

Prior to Kacy contacting ASC, the walkways were hand swept which was consuming too much labour time.

The horse stables needed to be cleaned during daylight hours and the biggest issue they had was hay dust, general dirt and horse poo.

Tony Rowe, ASC’s QLD Manager, suggested that she invest in the heavy-duty ASC MEP sweeper, as a solution.

The Result

The ASC Eureka MEP manual dust free sweeper was ordered.

This purchase instantly reduced cleaning time quite dramatically and almost completely eliminated their dust issues.

The net benefit was happier horses, a cleaner environment and far less time spent cleaning.