Kellyville Pets NSW new ASC Eureka E 46

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Established nearly 36 years, Kellyville Pets is one of Australia’s largest & unique pet stores employing 40 specialist staff.

It’s a unique home for literally 1000’s of furry, fishy, scaly, feathered animals.

The Challenge.

Kellyville Pet Foods has a large volume of foot traffic that walks through its doors every hour of the day. Most people bring their animals inside the store when shopping which is very welcoming and a magnificent environment to be part of.

The company has a multimillion dollar building with floors that are specifically designed to be pet friendly and easy to walk on.

It’s not uncommon for dog owners to bring their dogs into the store which is encouraged.

Unfortunately these beautiful 4 legged animals shed fur and at times urinate on the floor.

The staff have always had mops, paper towels and buckets to quickly sanitize the floor once these accidents happen.

The problem for the store was that the time required to fully clean and sterilize the floor on a daily basis was simply getting too exhaustive.

They tried & demonstrated traditional 50 cm scrubbers floor scrubbers to clean the floors but they were simply too big to maneuver in the store and simply could not fit down narrow walk ways.

The Solution.

Kellyville Pets Managing Director John visited ASC at its new Rouse Hill distribution centre. He asked ASC’s Scott Campbell to advise a solution that could eliminate his cleanliness issues and make a marked improvement with his labour usage.

Scott recommended a Eureka ASC Eureka E 46 floor scrubber. The E 46 quickly cleaned John’s floor spotless clean and shed upwards of 80% of his labour costs cleaning.

What would take 30 minutes manually moping floors would now take 13 minutes. The floors would be clean, sterile and very shinny.

The Result.

Kellyville Pets invested in a new ASC Eureka E 46.

The ASC Eureka E46 scrubber has also allowed Johns staff to whip out his E 46 scrubber at any time during the day from the cleaning cupboard to clean spills as the occur.

It’s a very simple machines to use & only takes about 3 minutes to learn how to use it.

The Recovery Tank (dirty water tank) can be easily removed manually and the dirty water either poured down a sink or toilet.

A great buy and a solution for what is a pets stores number 1 priority. Cleanliness.

Well done Kellyville Pets!