Kennards Self Storage Burleigh Qld

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021


Kennards Self Storage are undoubtedly the pioneers of the self-storage industry. Recently they inquired with ASC about buying another sweeper.


The Kennards Self Storage is a very busy storage facility. Hundreds of people pass  in and out of their facility weekly bringing dirt and dust into the complex .

It is very hard to keep the facility clean using hand brooms. With their roller doors constantly opening and closing this creates an enormous amount of dust for the complex to manage.

With the units bunched together Kennards found it very hard to keep the complex and in particular the corridors clean.

They sought a solution from ASC.


Rafael Rodrigues, the local ASC QLD Representative, met with the local Kennards Burleigh Manager Tanya to explain the benefits of the ASC MEP manual dustless push sweeper.

Having used many ASC sweepers in their group previously, she acknowledged the high quality and great performance after a quick on site demonstration.


The local Burleigh Kennards Manager received her ASC MEP push sweeper with a smile on her face and started sweeping straight away.

The equipment made her job so much easier as she now can concentrate on doing what she does best (manage the site) and keeping the site spotless in a fraction of the time.