Kent Removals WA Invest In an ASC M1

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Ports & Shipping

Client introduction

Kent Removals are in Welshpool (WA).

They are part of a national removal business which is still a family-owned company, the largest in the moving sector. They have been moving, storing, and packing homes and businesses across Australia and beyond, since 1946.

The Challenge

Kent Removals use a contract sweeping company to keep their outside concrete areas clean but needed a new sweeper, to help keep their internal warehouses clean and dust free.

Their Welshpool facility has a large warehouse which has a smooth concrete floor.

Their roller doors face directly into the south westerly winds that Perth is famous for. This wind brings a lot of external dust and debris into the warehouse that needs to be removed, along with the dust left behind from the forklift tyres.

The Solution

Kent Removals Warehouse Manager contacted ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan, to arrange demonstrations of two sweepers within the budget allocated to do this job.

He asked for the ASC MEP push sweeper with dust control and the ASC M1 battery walk behind to be demonstrated.

Both swept the floor superbly.

The decision was made to Invest in an ASC M1 battery sweeper.

They calculated that while it may be more expensive upfront, the daily use it would get and variety of obstacles it had to manoeuvre, the machine was the best overall fit for them.

Ross delivered the machine to Kent from the ASC Perth warehouse.