Queensland Based Kratzmann Caravans Buys an ASC Sweeper & ASC Scrubber

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021


The Challenge

Kratzmann Caravans stock over 150 new and used RVs from 11 industry leading brands like Adria, Winnebago, Track Trailer just to name a few.

It is very challenging to keep all show rooms spotless and free of tire marks with a high volume of trailers and boasts moving around.

The Solution

When Raf from ASC visited their store, the original idea was just to find the best scrubber for both warehouses.

However, Raf’s idea to solve the dust problem using the ASC MEP push sweeper before the ASC E50 for scrubbing the floor will save a lot of Kratzmann money in maintenance and will extend the life of the scrubber considerably.

Great win/win decision buying the combination of 2 machines.

ASC MEP Push Sweeper & ASC E50 At Kratzmann Caravans