Kwik Lok Cheltenham go with ASC

Updated on Wednesday, July 3, 2024


Kwik Lok solves their plastic regrind issues with the help of an ASC M3.

The Company

Kwik Lok is a global leader in package closures. Although they started small, they have now become a multinational company that produces billions of small bag closures (bag ties) every year. The company is based in Melbourne’s suburb of Cheltenham.

The Challenge

Kwik Lok has numerous warehouses that face the challenge of dealing with the dust and spills of plastic regrind. The product is very difficult to sweep once on the floor.

Alex Anselmo, Kwik Loks’s General Manager, contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyat and asked for his help finding a solution to his company’s floor problems. He wanted a squeaky clean, and reliable product for doing this job. ASC’s Ken demonstrated the ASC battery-driven Heavy Duty M3 sweeper, which proved perfect for the job.

The Solution

Kwik Lok placed an order for a new ASC battery-driven Heavy Duty M3 sweeper. They had the machine optioned with a vacuum cleaner that would assist with cleaning their corner areas.