Landon Group help Toll keep their facility clean with another ASC

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Landon Group is a commercial property management and asset management group providing services to property owners across Sydney and throughout New South Wales.

They manage many complexes and provide solutions to body corporates.

Landon has had a long association with ASC.

The Challenge

Toll Holdings has a massive DC Sydney in Sydney full or freight conveyors and sortation machines.

The challenge for the company was sweeping dust under the sortation machines. Other machines were struggling to keep these areas clean. They turned to the Landon Group to try and find a solution for this problem.

The Solution

The introduction of the ASC MEP has reduced cleaning times by 54% and make cleaning these areas safer and easier for operators. Not only is the site visibly cleaner but the staff are happy to use industrial equipment designed to make light work of what is otherwise a very labour intensive task.


ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 1

ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 2

ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 3

ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 4