Larners Oysters Supply Western Australia

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Food & Beverages

Client Introduction

Larners Oyster Supply is a well-known supplier of fresh Australian oysters and other seafood in the suburb of O’Connor nearby the busy City of Fremantle. Larners is a family-owned business that started in 1995. Today, their fresh product can be found everywhere, from restaurants to supermarkets and even fishmongers from Broome to Esperance.

The Challenge

Simon from Larners contacted WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan to inquire about the machines available in the market and find a solution for their cleaning issues. Their cleaning areas include the carpark area as well as the production area. The carpark had a mixed issue, including the constant supply of leaves from several surrounding
trees and the crushed oyster shells that spill from the bins as they are removed from their production area.

The Solution

Ross was in the Fremantle area meeting other customers and demonstrated the ASC Eureka ME push sweeper. The ME worked superbly out in the older carpark; it swept up the large number of leaves pushed up by the Freo Doctor and collected 90% of the oyster shell. It sold itself within the first few seconds of the demonstration, along with the robust feel of the sweeper.

The Result

Simon ordered the ASC Eureka MEP immediately, and Ross was able to deliver the high-quality hand-built sweeper within a few days.