Lawn & Turf Maintenance (Victoria)

Updated on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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The Client

Lawn & Turf Maintenance is Melbourne based company owned and run by ran by Michael McMahon.

The company specializes in Lawn & Turf Maintenance as well as turf and irrigation repairs on golf courses around Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

The Challenge

Michael McMahon has a large fleet of tractors and implements.

He has 3 mechanics maintaining the equipment in his workshop as well as a large number of staff around the state.

Michael had an alternative brand of sweeper prior to contacting ASC that had been very unreliable and didn’t picking up dust and soil properly when it actually worked.

Michael had asked ASC’s Ken Pepyat to quote him a ASC Eureka M3 battery rider sweeper. Michael had known of Ken Pepyat in the past and knew he would be served well by dealing with someone well known and trusted in the sweeper industry.

The result.

Michael knew what he wanted and placed an order for a ASC Eureka M3 sweeper without even seeing it.

Upon delivery he was very pleased with the sweeping capabilities of the Mach 3 EB.