Tumbar Grazing Purchases the ASC M3 Sweeper to Keep Massive New Farm Shed Free from Red Outback Dust

ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper At Tumbar Grazing's Farm Shed Updated on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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Just after selling half its land interests in one of Queensland’s largest grazing properties, Tumbar Grazing (covering almost 69,000ha,) recently invested in an ASC M3 sweeper.

Alison Doyle (co-owner with husband Bevan Doyle ) purchased the ASCM3 sweeper to keep her massive new farm shed free from dust. There so much red dust in the outback that keeping sheds clean can be a difficult process.

The ASC M3 makes light works of what was once a challenging and time consuming job.

Barcaldine has a small population of approximately 1,500 people and is known as the Garden City of the West. It is located about 90 km from Longreach, the birthplace of Qantas.

Barcaldine has an interesting and famous history. The name Barcaldine originates from the Oban region in Scotland and is pronounced bar-call-din.

Barcaldine is home to the Tree of Knowledge, the reputed birth place of the labour movement in Australia.

ASC has many sweepers in Australia’s outback working in councils as well as mining facilities.

ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper At Tumbar Grazing's Farm Shed