Lightwave Yachts Yatala Conquer Airborne Dust Using a ASC MEP

Updated on Thursday, October 1, 2020


Client Introduction.

Lightwave Yachts is a leading world class multihull design and manufacturing catamaran company. Founded by high profile identity Roger Overell, Lightwave Catamarans remains as the only Australian manufacturer of production cruising catamarans.

The problem:

Lightwave yachts recently moved to a larger facility in Computer Road Yatala. They were looking for a solution to replace the brooms and airborne dust.

The process of making Catamarans involves using alot of epoxy resins, metals, fibreglass and aluminium. When combined with modern manufacturing techniques, these material can create a lot of dust and there was simply no desire left for using manual labour and push brooms to spread dust from one part of the factory to the next.

ASC Rafael Rodrigues attended the site to show Roger Overell that there was a simple, effective and reliable solution to get rid of his dust problem and make his facility sparkle- The ASC MEP sweeper.

The Solution.

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues demonstrated the effectiveness of the ASC MEP which resulted in the purchase of a ASC Eureka MEP walk behind sweeper with dust control.