Lightwave Yachts Yatala Conquer Airborne Dust Using a ASC MEP

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


Client Introduction

Lightwave Yachts is a leading excellent multi-hull design and manufacturing catamaran company. Founded by high-profile identity Roger Overell, Lightwave Catamarans remains as the only Australian manufacturer of production cruising catamarans.

The problem

Lightwave yachts recently moved to a larger facility in Computer Road Yatala. They needed a solution to replace the brooms and eliminate airborne dust.

The process of making Catamarans involves using a lot of epoxy resins, metals, fiberglass and aluminum. When combined with modern manufacturing techniques, these materials can create a lot of dust. They knew that manual labor and push brooms spread dust from one part of the factory to the next and hence looked for a reliable and viable solution.

ASC Rafael Rodrigues visited their site to show Roger Overell that there was a simple, effective and reliable solution to resolve his cleaning issues – The ASC MEP sweeper.

The Solution

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues demonstrated the effectiveness of the ASC MEP, which resulted in the instant purchase of an ASC Eureka MEP walk-behind sweeper with dust control by Roger Overell.