ASC Machine Solved The Quick Accumulating Dust Problem For Lion QLD

Updated on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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The Lion QLD is among the largest food and beverage companies of Australasia that employ approx 6,700 people across Australia and New Zealand.

The Challenge

Lion QLD has an array of large cold rooms and chilled warehouses for keeping their product chilled. However, they were faced with the challenge of quick dirt and dust builds up on their painted floors due to such a high volume of stock and constant traffic.

The Solution

ASC’s Rafael Rodriguez was consulted to guide the warehouse facilitators on keeping the floors clean and smudge-free. As dust had always been their main concern, Rafael trialed the ASC Eureka E 75 floor scrubber on their site.

He showed the team how effective an entry-level model ASC Eureka 75 scrubber is and how it could help them clean the floor.

The Result

The ASC Eureka E75 scrubber worked so well that it soon became a fundamental tool in their cleanliness plan.

ASC Rafael Rodrigues demonstrated 2 scrubbers options, an ASC walk-behind, and ride-on. The ASC E75 ride-on scrubber was able to maintain Lion’s floor cleanness and made it presentable within a short period, optimising their processes.

ASC E 75 Floor Scrubber At Lion QLD 1

ASC E 75 Floor Scrubber At Lion QLD 2