Logan Hospital (QLD) Carpark Sweeper ASC M8

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Health Care . Open Spaces & Car Parks

The Client

Logan hospital is the major health centre servicing the Logan region in the state of Queensland.

They provide a range of speciality services for children and adults.

The hospital is located at the corner of Armstrong and Loganlea Roads in Meadowbrook, Queensland.

The Challenge

The hospitals challenge was to find a sweeper that could sweep paper, glass, tyre dust and general debris in their new large multistory carpark.

Both the carpark and roadways have numerous speed humps scattered across the site to reduce mobile traffic speed.

The Hospital was looking to invest in a trouble-free sweeper designed to sweep clean their site and surrounding roads.

Trouble free operation, ease of use, 100% dust capture & high ground clearance to the navigate the sites speed humps were major focus points.

The Solution.

The ASC Eureka M8 was purchased. ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues assisted the hospital and delivered the machine with a complete handover.