Macarthur Adventist College

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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The Client

Macarthur Adventist College is a co-educational Christian college, located in Macquarie Fields in south-western Sydney. It caters for students from pre-Kindy to Year 12.

The Challenge

The maintenance staff of the school were challenged every day, by having to spend hours of hard labour using heavy and loud blowers, to clean the entire school.

The school was looking for a quieter and more efficient way to clean their basketball courts, rubber matting on playgrounds and artificial grass.

ASC’s Scott Campbell visited the school and suggested that they invest in some leading-edge ASC technology, that would address their issues.

He suggested the purchase of an ASC M3, fitted with an Astro turf kit.

In order to get the students involved in the cleaning of the school grounds, the decision was made for the year 12 volunteer students, to utilize the machine.

The Result

A decision was made to invest in an ASC M3 Battery sweeper, with an astro kit.