Mamre Anglican School Astro Turf & Concreted Ground Area Cleaning Requirements

Updated on Friday, November 26, 2021

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Client Introduction

Mamre Anglican College is a co-educational, kindergarten to year 12 day school.

The school sits on 22hectare (54 Acre) site in rural Kemps Creek (Western Sydney).

The Challenge

Mamre Anglican College is a massive school with large grounds.

Its 54 acres facility required a created a high degree of manual cleaning in order to keep the site in workable condition prior to the recommendations of ASC’s labour savings.

The Schools groundsman were prior to that using tried and proven push brooms, shovels, rakes and petrol blowers to maintain the site.

The school had many different surfaces to clean and some were narrow areas where artificial grass was partially covered by trees.

The schools mad many playground facilities including Netball & Basketball courts.

Its large soccer/hockey field were made from artificial grass, also known as Astro Turf.

The Schools management had asked ASC’s Scott Campbell for help in precuring a heavy duty low running cost solution to sweep not only the concreted areas but the hard to clean artificial grass as well.

The device recommended would need to be quiet in operation as the machine would be used throughout the school day.

Some school children had sensitive hearing and classrooms noise disruption while the maintenance crew cleaned was not an option.

The Solution.

ASC’s Scott Campbell demonstrated the ASC M3 sweeper to the school groundsman.

The machines performed flawlessly on both the Astro Turf as well as the concreted areas.

The school made the decision to invest in the battery electric fume free ASC Heavy Duty M3 sweeper.