Mandalay Resort WA Reinvests With ASC

Updated on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Open Spaces & Car Parks

Client introduction:

Established in 1964, Busselton Holiday Resort has been voted one of the best in Australia. The Johnson family are a hands-on family, with many of the family working within Mandalay Holiday Resort and Tourist Park in the South West of Western Australia, a very special place just two-and-a-half hours south of Perth.

The Challenge:

The Resort contacted Ross Sheehan looking at replacing their old 20-year-old ASC sweeper,

The sweeper had performed well over the years as they looked to upgrade with another long-lasting machine.

The resort had a lot of asphalt roads to keep clear of Peppermint leaves and nuts, and other seaside debris.

As it is a busy resort Scott Wilson (Manager) and his maintenance team like to be able to clean up the area quickly so not to interrupt the guests staying at Mandalay Resort. Mandalay Resort prides itself on the presentation of the resort grounds.

The Solutions:

ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan gave Scott a few options of machines to consider.

Scott was interested in the ASC Eureka Mach 6 diesel as it has the very reliable Kubota engine and a similar dust filter as their old sweeper.

Ross was able to demonstrate the Mach 6 onsite with Scott, Clive Johnson, the owner, and a few other maintenance staff at the resort.

The machine performed very well, especially at a speed to suit sweeping the whole resort in reasonable time.

The result:

Scott placed an order for a new Eureka Mach 6 diesel.

ASC Wangara warehouse had this machine in stock and Ross was able to arrange delivery.

Ross then delivered the sweeper to Busselton and conducted a hand over training session with the staff of Mandalay Resort.