Materials In The Raw Trusted ASC to Make Their Yards Dust Free & Keep Environmental & OHS Policies In Check

ASC Eureka M6 At the Materials In The Raw Warehouse Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Logistics & Distribution

Materials In The Raw are a Sydney Landscaping supply specialists. Established at Casula in 1988 as a bulk materials distributor reselling sand, soil, gravel and mulches, Material In The Raw has grown through acquisition of other similar businesses and the opening of new outlets in strategic locations.

They sell bricks, blocks, sand, aggregate, pebbles, soil, pavers, retaining walls, wall cladding, mulch, decorative screens, vertical gardens, garden edging, cement bagged product and tools to assist with improving outdoor areas.

They recently took possession of an ASC M6 sweeper for their large Sydney DC centre. The yard gets very dusty and the ASC Eureka M6 was the perfect tool to invest in to keep their facility dust free and in perfect order to meet the company’s stringent Environmental and OH&S Policies.

ASC Eureka M6 At the Materials In The Raw Warehouse