McGuigan Wines takes delivery of new ASC M3

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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McGuigan Wines is regarded as one of best white winemakers in Australia.

The Challenge

McGuigan Wines have expanded their business to help create ever lasting memories at their new Wedding facility.

Brian McGuigan (Managing Director) was overwhelmed by the carpark being filled with leaves, sticks, dirt and rocks.

Before each event takes place the Greenkeeper (Darren) would personally have his blower strapped to his side, blowing the carpark for hours, then pressure wash the left overs.

This made it a constant headache for the team so they had to take action to make this task easier.

The Solution

NSW Area Manager Scott Campbell was asked to demonstrate ASC’s Mach 3 petrol Sweeper as a solution.

Immediately Brian McGuigan was sold on the Mach 3 as it swept all leaves, sticks and even the dirt from the cracks in his pavers.

They are now Australia’s leaders in making white wine with Australia’s leading Sweeper to attract more business.